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Nutrition & NHP:s – Lena Normén-Younger, PhD


Nutrition & Natural Health Products in Gifted Children

Speaker: Lena Normén-Younger, PhD

Day & Time: Saturday, April 7, time TBA.

Location: Fraser Heights Secondary, 16060-108 Avenue, Surrey BC, V4N 1M1, room TBA.

Abstract: The wiring of the brain and subsequently nutrition metabolism of children with high IQ differ somewhat from the norm. Often more intense, emotional and inquisatory than children with an IQ in the normal range, parents of these constant learners frequently wonder if their nutritional needs differ from that of other children.

Behavioral problems, insomnia and issues with concentration make parents of gifted children assess and experiment with dietary changes and natural health product use. But what has clinical research actually shown in this sometimes overlooked pediatric population?

Lena Normén-Younger will share her insights of nutrition research and its potential of being extrapolated on gifted children. Nutrition research of this group is extremely limited, but general knowledge of pediatric nutrition can to some extent be used also for kids with high IQ. Diets with varying compositions of macronutrients (carbohydrates including sugar, protein and fat) will be discussed, as will the safety and efficacy of the most commonly used Natural Health Products (mineral supplements, omega-3 fatty acids, and melatonin).

Lena Normén-Younger has a PhD in Clinical Nutrition from Göteborg University in Sweden. She is currently a passionate parent advocate for special needs students in BC. In her former professional life, she conducted both clinical research and development of functional foods and natural health products. This presentation will combine her knowledge of the two interesting and sometimes overlapping areas.