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Executive Function – Joanna Thackwray, BScOT, RegOT(BC)


Executive Functioning and the Gifted Learner

Speaker: Joanna Thackwray, BScOT, RegOT(BC)

Day & Time: Saturday, April 7, time TBA.

Location: Fraser Heights Secondary, 16060-108 Avenue, Surrey BC, V4N 1M1, room TBA.

Abstract: Executive functioning skills are better predictors of school and academic success than IQ. Many gifted students struggle with executive functioning skills such as organization; problem solving; time management; planning; and attention.

This presentation looks at why some gifted children struggle with executive functioning skills, common symptoms of difficulty with executive functioning, and how you can support your child in developing these skills to assist them in success at school and at home.  Strategies to develop future thinking, time management and ideas to reduce distractions will be discussed.

Joanna Thackwray is an occupational therapist, working at the independent school “Choice School for Gifted Children” in Richmond, BC.