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Gifted Girls – Kristina Sachs-Barrable, PhD


Giftedness and girls.  Are we doing enough to recognize, identify and to support them? 

Speaker: Kristina Sachs-Barrable, PhD

Day & Time: Saturday, April 7, time TBA.

Location: Fraser Heights Secondary, 16060-108 Avenue, Surrey BC, V4N 1M1, room TBA.

Abstract:  Are gifted girls going unnoticed? When it comes to noticeability the conceptions of giftedness are profoundly overlaid with beliefs about gender.

This begs the question of what educators, teachers and we as parents can do to better identify and support gifted girls.

Girls are often confronted with social pressure and narrow expectations, not only from their peers but at home and the school environment. They can be profoundly affected by family and cultural life which influences career aspirations and choices.

Kristina Sachs-Barrable addresses some of the issues gifted girls are often faced with in various settings. There are external (role of parents, school and the environment) and internal barriers (personal priorities and decisions), parental influences (parent’s opinions matter greatly), issues relating to teachers (expectations and encouragement for girls versus boys) and the loss of belief in abilities and self-confidence. We will also discuss signs that gifted girls need help to be recognized and supported in their challenges as they can live an invisible life in the classroom.

Kristina Sachs-Barrable is a researcher, educator, consultant and mother. She holds a PhD in science from Humboldt University Berlin. She continued her research at UC Berkeley before moving to Vancouver to conduct pre-clinical and clinical research. She has a passion for bridging the gaps between scientific evidence and its implementation.

She is actively involved in advocating for children with asynchronous development and providing them with a learning environment that best suits their needs. This led her to create C.A.P.T.U.R.E. Learning, an educational consulting business. As a female scientist and educator she has a special interest in inspiring girls into STEM while supporting their emotional needs as well.