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The following speakers have been confirmed for the educational conference Power Up Potential 2018 – #PUP2018 – for educators, medical professionals and parents of gifted children with high abilities.

James T. Webb, Ph.D., has been recognized as one of the most influential psychologists nationally on gifted education. Dr. Webb has written 16 books, over 80 professional publications, three DVDs, and many research papers for psychology conventions or for conferences regarding gifted and talented children. Six of his books are on gifted children and adults, four have won “Best Book” awards, and several have been translated into other languages.

Dr. Webb will give the following five expert lectures during the three days and four events of the #PUP2018:

  • Twelve Key Concerns for Parents of Gifted Children
  • Motivation and Underachievement in Gifted Children
  • Misdiagnoses and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children
  • Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Children
  • Managing Stress, Perfectionism, and Depression in Gifted Children

See Dr. James Webb’s Speaker Profile for a full presentation and abstracts of his lectures.

ADVOCACY – Betty-Jo Gillett, MA
Betty-Jo Gillett is a Parent Advocate, Executive Coach and Consultant. She is the mother of a profoundly gifted son and has spent the last 11 years advocating for accommodations within the classroom and individual schools. Based on her personal experience, she will share suggestions on how a collaborative approach to advocacy at the school level can create opportunities for gifted learners to thrive in a mainstream environment.

See Betty-Jo Gillett’s Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

Janet Mee is the Director of Access and Diversity at the University of British Columbia. This role involves leading her department as it “works with the university to create an inclusive living and learning environment in which all students can thrive.” Her presentation will be informative for parents and educators of children from pre-school to university and focus on how you plan ahead for a post-secondary education.

See Janet Mee’s Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

Imelda Lee is a school counsellor and gifted resource teacher at Carver Christian High School in Burnaby, BC. In her presentation, she will bring to light issues that Gifted East Asian students are presently dealing with in a cultural and educational context.

See Imelda Lee’s Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

Joanna Thackway is an occupational therapist with extensive experience working with gifted students at Choice School in Richmond, BC. She will here share her best tips with parents, how we can help our children with improving their executive function, i.e. abilities to plan, organise and execute their lives.

See Joanna Thackwray’s Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

GIFTED GIRLS – Kristina Sachs-Barrable, PhD
Kristina Sachs-Barrable is a researcher, educator, consultant and mother. She is actively involved in advocating for children with asynchronous development and providing them with a learning environment that best suits their needs. This led her to create C.A.P.T.U.R.E. Learning, an educational consulting business. As a female scientist and educator she has a special interest in inspiring girls into STEM while supporting their emotional needs as well.

See Kristina Sachs-Barrable’s Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

HOME SCHOOLING – Karin Tischler, BA, MPhil
Karin Tischler is the Director of Research & Development, at the Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted, and a parent of two gifted children. She has extensive experience of homeschooling in British Columbia, and will share her personal experience in her talk “Homeschooling options in BC”.

See Karin Tischler’s Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

Lynn Chartres is the principal of Choice School for the Gifted in Richmond, BC since 2014, with decades of precious experience of gifted ecuation from West Vancouver School District. Her presentation explains on how your child’s IEP must recognize and address your child’s most significant need with supports that reflect current best practice.

See Lynn Chartres Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

MENTORSHIP – Teresa Milden, BA
Teresa Milden is a teacher and the Mentorship Coordinator for Choice Middle School and will give an overview of how a mentorship program can work. She will share the value of mentorship as she has experienced it in her role as a District Resource Teacher who coordinated the Making Contact: Mentorship program for the Vancouver School District for over 25 years.

See Teresa Milden’s Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

MICROSOFT TOOLS – Renee Goncalves, BA
Renee Goncalves is a Community Development Specialist for Microsoft. He will present an interactive session showcasing technology based solutions to help students overcome challenges, and inspire them with new ways to do their best work. Connect with Renee Goncalves on LinkedIn.

See Renee Goncalves’ Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

NUTRITION & NHP:s – Lena Normén-Younger, PhD
Lena Normén-Younger is a clinical nutritionist, with a Swedish PhD in functional foods and natural health products. Her presentation will be a step-by-step guide for parents through current research on gifted children and how the general pediatric nutrition recommendations have to be applied on this often overlooked population.

See Lena Normén-Younger’s Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

PARENTING – Kristi Lauridsen, PhD
Kristi Lauridsen is a district helping teacher for gifted education in the Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District. She is also a faculty associate at Simon Fraser University in the area of Inclusive Education. Kristi Lauridsen’s presentation with focus on parenting gifted children who are spirited.

See Kristi Lauridsen’s Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

Deborah Bell, PhD is a registered psychologist, who runs the clinic Sandstory in Vancouver, where she is serving clients from the Vancouver region and all over the lower Mainland. In her lecture, participants will learn how to interpret a psychoeducational assessment and understand what the different scores are describing

See Deborah Bell’s Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.

TWICE EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTS – Megan Chrostowski, BA, BEd, MA Candidate
Megan Chrostowski is a a Resource teacher with the Vancouver School Board, an advocate and parent with a mad passion for quirky kids. She served as the District Resource Teacher for twice-exceptional learners in Vancouver for six years and is currently working towards her M.A. in Inclusive Education at UBC.  Her  session will explore what children with twice-exceptionalities need to thrive, academically and socially, and how we can meet those needs both at school and at home.

See Megan Chrostowski’s Speaker Profile for full abstract and more information.