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The Power Up Potential 2018 Conference is organised by two associations in British Columbia, which support children with high potential – the Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia and the Lower Mainland Gifted Contacts group.

The Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia (GCABC) is a not-for-profit and charitable registered society that has been operating in British Columbia since December 19, 1983. The organisational focus is to build awareness about parenting and educating gifted children. The GCABC supports parents and helps them meet the needs of gifted and talented children. The organisation also develops support and awareness in the community about gifted and talented children, and promotes dialogue with people and organisations working in the field of gifted education.

The Lower Mainland Gifted Contacts (LMGC) supports the availability of a continuum of services to support the needs, interests, aspirations and abilities of those students designated gifted, talented and creative in the province of British Columbia. In addition, LMGC supports the provision of appropriate learning experiences, for teachers and learners, that will allow each student to reach the highest level of personal fulfillment and actualisation that is possible. The LMGC operates as a non-registered, non-profit organisation with the members volunteering their time to support the education of gifted learners.

Other partners for the Power Up Potential are University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Adler University, Surrey School District, Coquitlam School District and Choice School for Gifted Children.